8. How tall can I expect my Moringa trees to get?

Well, now, that all depends on where you live, where you plant them, how you plant them, what soil you plant them in, what container you plant them in, and how much sunlight, heat, and water they receive. Moringa trees CAN grow to be as large as some oak trees, but we recommend that you prune them back often, and heavily. We like to maintain ours at a height of about 6 - 12 feet, so we can easily reap their abundant harvest. The more you pinch back their tops, and cut back the branches, the bushier they become, and the more leaves, flower blossoms, and buds they will produce. Leave some of the flowers on them, if you want to have pods.

9. How do you eat Moringa?

WE eat Moringa in lots of different ways. The leaves of Moringa can be eaten raw, right from the trees, or lightly sauteéd in olive oil, extra-virgin coconut oil, or butter. We add Moringa leaves to just about everything imaginable - pizza, salad, soup, meatloaf, scrambled eggs, quiche, chili, omelettes, dips - you name it! Moringa combines well with garlic, onions, mushrooms, meatless main dishes, chicken in any form, turkey dressing, Kashi, quinoa, amaranth, chia, rice, wild rice, potatoes, eggs, cheese, fish, black beans, hummus - the list is endless. If you want to add Moringa Leaf Powder to your diet, the way we like it the best is in guacamolé, dips, or salad dressing. Check the links on the "How-To" section to the right...>

10. I live where it is REALLY cold. How can I grow enough Moringa to eat?

If your weather really never warms up, you can still enjoy Moringa. It won't be quite as easy, but if you have a room in your home that is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round, you can grow enough Moringa to eat its harvest.

You will have to keep plant lights on them, and keep the Moringas as warm as possible. To have enough leaves to eat, you will have to have at least 5 trees growing, that you keep at a managable 6 - 12 foot maximum height. If you diligently use an organic fertilizer, and provide enough warmth, water, and light - your Moringas will reward you with as many fresh leaves as you can possibly eat.
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