Moringa Stenopetala Seeds 1st 3 photos

Our Moringa Stenopetala
babies - ready
to plant

and more...

Some of our
Moringa Oleifera seeds in the pod

Cross-section of an Immature
Moringa Oleifera
seed in pod

Moringa Oleifera Seeds

from our stash

and close-up

Moringa Ovalifolia
Seeds of ours

and from
Mark Olson's
wonderful site

Available from us at the link directly above - here is some information about them.
The humble Moringa seed is a sleeping giant; its properties largely unexplored. With it, you can purify water - relatively easily. It has been shown to be effective enough to purify the water of the Nile river - which is quite an undertaking! The seeds are considered to have antibiotic properties. They are used
in some countries, internally,  to treat fevers. We understand that, in Aruba, a paste of crushed Moringa seeds is used to eliminate warts. There are numerous scientific reports of the seeds effectiveness against most common bacteria, and there is evidence to suggest that the seeds are anti-fungal, anti-viral, antiseptic, and antibacterial. We are not licensed physicians, or scientists, so
we cannot state more here, than what we have read to be true - however - we have researched a lot of scientific reports about the incredible "power" of the lowly Moringa seed. You can research it online, for yourself. We believe you will be amazed.   

Many cultures eat the seeds, roasted, sautéed or raw. Roasted, they have a pleasant "nutty" taste. The oil from the seeds is of an excellent quality, and fine enough to be used by watchmakers. It is called ben oil. Many people use Moringa seed oil for cosmetic purposes. It is a lightweight, pleasant smelling oil, that absorbs rapidly and leaves no greasy residue. In some countries, it is used to condition the hair.

Moringa seeds do not all look like "Morey" but, most of them sprout and grow the same - fast! At present, we carry Moringa Oleifera seeds, and Moringa Stenopetala seeds. You can purchase them through the link above, or the one below. Our seeds tend to cost more than those offered by many other companies, but they are hand-selected, FRESH, and organically grown without any artifical chemicals or pesticides.
"Hi! I'm Morey, the Moringa Oleifera Seed!
I am small, but potent, and I have lots of useful oil in me! My crushed seeds are used to purify water and kill bacteria, and not only THAT, but I grow into a beautiful tree..."
I Love Moringa
the fast-growing, nutritious, delicious gift from God
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