How to Use Moringa for Mulch
We think it is the BEST mulch!

With the cost of mulch today, anything that works just as effectively or better, than what you can buy, is a welcome discovery!

"Hi! I'm Stan, the
Moringa Stenopetala Seed! I am also
called the African Moringa seed!"
Take the stripped
limb or branch,
and chop it into
small pieces, from
about four to
six inches, and
simply toss them
on the ground,
underneath your
Moringa trees. ~~~~~
They will form a
dense "mat" in
no time at all,
and keep the
weeds at bay.
If you are unable
to eat, dry, or
give away all
of the leaves
your Moringa
trees provide,
put them under
the trees, too.
Fantastic mulch!

"Hi! I'm Morey, the Moringa Oleifera Seed!
Wait until you read all about the plant I become!"
Using Moringa for
mulch is about
as easy as
anything could
possibly be.
When you are
harvesting the
leaves from
your Moringa
trees, simply
strip the leaves
from the limbs
with your hands,
and drop the leaves into a
clean container,
like a plastic
washtub, that
you have on
the ground nearby.
I Love Moringa
the fast-growing, nutritious, delicious gift from God
This page was last updated: August 11, 2015
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Look at the ground at the base of the trees - it is virtually weed-free.
The trees are about 3 years old, and the only mulch we have used for them is
their own chopped-up branches. We have not had to weed them, at all.
We HAVE had to prune them, but that's a constant job - which gives us more mulch!
Use Moringa for Mulch
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